I am voting for the families who don’t know where their next meal is coming from.

I am voting for all the grandmas who risk death just to get a hug.

I am voting for all the children with two moms or two dads who may lose legal protections.

I am voting for the salt of the Earth Americans who deserve to stop being peddled lies, used as pawns for billionaire gain.

I am voting for Black people who deserve to move freely through their day without fear of deadly force by those paid with their very own tax dollars to protect and serve them. …

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Credit: 2 Oceans Vibe News

To all of the fathers who can’t handle watching their kids, even when you are the designated stay-at-home parent, and even when your failure to do so means your wife has to quit her job, dissolve her business, and lose your only source of income during a global pandemic and looming economic depression: hell hath no pity.

We are the women who work thankless jobs, some of us for many hours, some of us doing manual labor, and often with nothing to show for it except for a meager paycheck that barely covers the basics. Our bones ache when we finally get home, when we can at long last shut down the computer, when we set foot into the space that you consider decompression, relaxation, lounge access. …

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We’ve had a lot of laughs poking fun of Karen across the internet these past few months, and Karens, in impeccable Karen fashion, are probably not amused.

They haven’t appreciated your blaming them when you were delayed at the drive-thru because someone was complaining that they didn’t get their honey mustard sauce, and you pinned it on Karen. They haven’t liked the daggers you threw their way because your boss piled extra work on your plate, you knew it was because Karen asked too many questions at the team meeting and now everyone was paying the price.

Karen may be the annoying woman who asks to speak to the manager. She may drive a minivan. She may even be subtly racist. …


Allison Hope

Writer and native New Yorker who favors humor over sadness, travel over television, and coffee over sleep. @bubballie www.urbaninbreeding.com

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